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What can I do to protect myself online?

You never know who may be lurking on the internet. Your information can be easily tracked and stolen if you aren't careful! The internet provides people with the opportunity to do many common tasks, such as online shopping or online banking, from the comfort and privacy of their homes. It is important to understand that personal information and privacy can be easily tracked and stolen if you don't exercise caution when using the internet.

  • Never use your real name. Be a super sleuth: Use an alias that cannot be traced back to you.
  • Never use your primary email address. Use a "throwaway" account instead when signing up for services.
  • Never use your real mailing address if you are not purchasing anything from the site.
  • Think twice before giving out any personal information.
  • Clear your browser history, temporary files, cookies, and stored passwords.
  • Use free virus removal tool ( like Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool ) and run it regularly to disinfect your computer with malware.

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